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eMoney Character Library

This character pipeline was created because of a need to make higher quality animations within the same timeline. The final characters are available in After Effects and rigged with DUIK, and Maya with a full character Rig. (see details below)

(concept doc coming soon)

First stage was concepting shapes that could easily be switched out.

2d Characters within After Effects

(screen shot of 2d rig on a boy model)
Above is the rig in After Effects. All colors are linked to one layer to all parts thatCoo can be easily managed without have to link too many things each time.I created a Technical Document that explains all the details for each rig (2d and 3d). It is available upon request, but too large to put on the website. Also below is an example with the character being used in the pipeline.

3d Characters within Maya and rendered with Arnold

Character concept, model, texture done by me and the rig was done by Xavier Johnson. I managed the workflow pipeline and the end product vision.
Examples of videos with the 3d Character.