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Art Direction + Concept  

Everything in this section I concepted and Art Directed either by myself, in a team, or leading. 
Sexy Diamond Slots

New slot game for Iphone and Android. I concepted and created the whole thing. It is a full Unity system built that enables 1 artist to create slots without much need of developers. I created the builds, designed the game, managed a developer and sound engineer.

Download here!

Iphone  Android

Animist is a Video Game I’m currently developing for Playstation and eventually other systems. I’m the sole creator, designer and developer on the project. I manage a small team of contractors and lead the overall look and development. 

You can follow our progress at

Animist Characters Sketches

Fat Cheeks the Cannonball

    Video Game available for Iphone and Android. I created and developed the entire project. I also gave direction to an audio engineer for the sound track. Made in Unity3d, photoshop, and After Effects.

To the right is sample gameplay, ui, and the graphics for the game.