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Demo Reel

Demo reel - (Animation)

"No Bull"
Agency: Pavone
Production Company: Park Group
Director: Jim Bartolomeo
Producer: Protagonist Films
Editor: Larry Whitlock
VFX Supervisor: Mark Lambert
Colorist: Larry Whitlock
Graphics: Ryan Gallini
Composer: Eric Heiberg and Juicy Music
Audio: Eric Heiberg

ROLL and PROCESS: I started out by matching each bottle as close as possible and then I cut out the beauty Yuengling bottle. Then I painted the shadows and highlights from each shot in Photoshop on the beauty bottle and composited it all back in AE. Then finished the job by animating and compositing the ending graphics and the Ipad animation.
Parx Animations  My Role in all of these Promotions was Art Direction, Animation, and Technical Execution. There are alwasy constraints of every project, and at Parx we would have to complete each project in a week. With that in mind, it also had to meet the constraints of the companies style (way to many flares and large text). Below is just a handful of Promotions I created, most also accompanied by print, and web banners.

12 days of parxmas

Father’s day Dream

Spring into Winning

Reveal your Fortune

Birthday Bash

Gobbler’s Gold
ABM Animations

I’m in a senior role at eMoney, animating and helping guide the direction to Advisor Branded Media (ABM) content. Here is one example of the animations we produce. 
Password: money

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