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3D Generalist

I’m competent in high poly and low poly modeling, rigging, animating, rendering, UV mapping. Also Sculpting and Painting in Mudbox.
Planing Stages

Planing Stages is the latest VR Simulation I created at eMoney advisor. It interactively walks the user through an educational journey of the planing stages of a client life cycle.

Concept image of the Accumulate Wealth section.
Concept image of the Navigating needs and goals section.

Ball Shooter - Animated.

Ball Shooter - Diffuse and Normals.

Targets for Ball Shooter - Animated.

Target Box to place balls into - Animated.

Gun Box where Ball Shooter Sits - Animated.
*You can see UV layout in settings of sketchfab window, scroll down to the bottom.

Creative, 3D, Developer, Project Lead : Ryan Gallini
Writer: Jacob Leise
Virtual Planning Experience

The Virtual Planning experience is a Vr Simulation I created at eMoney advisor. I designed, modeled and programmed everything for the Oculus rift and google cardboard via 360 video. Please read the article below written about the simulation and watch the teaser I created for the event.

Please set to 4k resolution on Desktop, or the highest resolution on Mobile with the youtube app.

3D model of the first room in the Virtual Planning Experience. Download the Virtual Planning Experience on Game Development Page.

Creative, 3D, Developer, Project Lead, Voice over : Ryan Gallini
Writer: Jacob Leise
Female Voice Over: Brynn Dougherty
Archway Build

I created this VFX shot for a spot that was never used, Modeled and animated in Maya, Tracked with PFTrack, Composited in After Effects. 

Archway Build VFX shot

Shot breakdown
Ferrari "Italia" ( Excerpt )

"Italia" ( Excerpt )
Director: Nicholas Kleczewski
Editor: Nicholas Kleczewski
VFX Supervisor: Mark Lambert
Graphics: Ryan Gallini

Below is a gallery of the basic passes and breakdowns from Maya. Three different passes were rendered for the tunnel BG into Street, then everything was reflected onto the car, which was still in frame. The camera and the wheels were the only animation in the clip, and the projectin maps had to be timed out. Other reflections were added to the car on the reflection pas, to help light it. My role was 3D Artist, lighting, rendering, and compositing of this shot.